Methodology and Structure

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Second Act is divided into 4 technical Work Packages (WP1/2/3/4), WP5 about dissemination and exploitation and WP6 about Management. The three fuel cell technologies, H2 PEFC, reformate PEFC, and DMFC, are jointly studied in all the WP. WP1: Specification Of Reference Components And Degradation Data (Leader: NEDSTACK) WP2: Investigation Of Degradation Processes (Leader: POLIMI) WP3: Statistical Analysis And Simulation Of Stack Performance Degradation (Leader: CEA) WP4: Durability Improvements (Leader: IRD) WP5: Dissemination And Exploitation (Leader: DLR) WP6: Mangement (Leader: CEA) The overall strategy is based on two main technical focuses: 1. Degradation understanding based on lifetime tests information: From existing field tests or systems for relevant description of failure modes and related performance degradation, From stack and cells specific degradation/durability tests with advanced in-situ local measurements Particularly from validated accelerated stress degradation tests emphasizing specific degradation or failure modes in cells and stacks From previous tests data analysis to quantify degradation, thanks to: ex-situ investigations of components to identify mechanisms; statistical analyses to identify the impact of failure modes and to relate causes to performance losses; and modelling to simulate and predict local performance degradation in unit cell and stack. 2. Durability improvement thanks to the following methodology: Exploitation of all degradation investigations for the proposal of improvements Selection of most relevant solutions related to most critical degradation issues for their evaluation and demonstration of durability improvements Application of validated accelerated tests with improved components in unit cells or stacks and test of improved operating strategies in stack or systems. Final achievement will be demonstration of significant measurable improvements enabling lifetime enhancement at system level. The strategy is an iterative process with proposal of improvements at two periods: near mid- term (M18) and again before the end for final demonstration (M30).
European Project Second Act Simulation, Statistics and Experiments Coupled to develop Optimized and Durable µCHP systems using Accelerated Tests